Month: July 2019

Record-Breaking 11 Day Power Play Scores Final Goal

By the numbers, it’s quite an accomplishment: 2,500 hundred players, 164 teams, 11 days. It all adds up to one singular goal: Beating cancer. $1.6M raised during the 2019 11 Day Power Play 164 teams took the ice Next year the hockey marathon will return next summer...

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Power Play hockey event wraps with $1.6M raised

The 11-Day Power Play has finished up its third year, raising more than $1.6 million for charity. This year, more than 2,300 skaters ages 11-76 hit the ice during three-hour shifts in the 2019 11-Day Power Play Community Shift, representing the largest group of...

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The 11 Day Power Play: Warming Hearts on and off the Ice

It wasn’t much of a surprise that it took two postponed phone calls and several text messages before I finally caught up with Mike Lesakowski, co-founder of the 11 Day Power Play. And even when I eventually did track him down, he was on the go in his car. “I’m...

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Falls police take on the Power Play

As the members of the Falls Police Department hockey team sat in a Harbor Center locker room last July they could barely move. They had just completed four hours on the ice in their first-ever appearance at the 11 Day Power Play, a community fundraising event to...

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Doing His Part To Stop Cancer Cold

For the second year, our sports anchor Kevin Carroll put on the skates and picked up a stick for two games in the 11 Day Power Play. Unlike last year, however, he scored twice in his first game. He talks a little about what it's like to play summer hockey to help...

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The 11 Day Power Play: Everyone has a story

The sudden loss of a board member in March is a driving inspiration for this year's Power Play. When Mike and Amy Lesakowski announced last year that they were opening the event up to the community, Bill knew he would be playing for that friend, John Schrantz. And in...

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WGR 550 team raises over $20,000 for 11 Day Power Play

Team WGR 550, and WBEN's Brian Mazurowski, raised more than $20,000 for cancer research at Roswell Park on Wednesday afternoon, as they participated in their three-hour shift at the 11 Day Power Play. As expected, team Entercom skated away with the 12-11 victory over...

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Trading Instruments for Hockey Sticks

The 11 Day Power Play has already broken last year’s record for donations, to the tune of $1.4 million. That’s music to the ears of the hundreds of players on the ice at HarborCenter for the marathon game’s third year. It’s also a song worth singing for those who...

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