The 11 Day Power Play: Everyone has a story

Jul 11, 2019

The sudden loss of a board member in March is a driving inspiration for this year’s Power Play.

When Mike and Amy Lesakowski announced last year that they were opening the event up to the community, Bill knew he would be playing for that friend, John Schrantz. And in a twist of fate, last year he would become friends with one of his opponents for the day, Andrew Bouquard. Andy was an 11 Day board member and organizer of that first game. He was a 24 year cancer survivor, a youth hockey coach, and a research specialist at Roswell Park. This time around, it is Andrew for whom Bill skates. “Andrew Bouquard for sure, he’s well known around the 11 Day organization, and at Roswell…he passed suddenly back in March.”

Andrew died unexpectedly on his way into work at Roswell, coincidentally, on the very same day he was supposed to attend a captain’s organizational meeting for the 11 Day.

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