The 11 Day Power Play: Warming Hearts on and off the Ice

Jul 13, 2019

It wasn’t much of a surprise that it took two postponed phone calls and several text messages before I finally caught up with Mike Lesakowski, co-founder of the 11 Day Power Play. And even when I eventually did track him down, he was on the go in his car. “I’m sneaking out of the office,” Lesakowski said before correcting himself. “I’m sneaking out of the rink to go watch my son play. He’s in a showcase this week and he’s got a game at 1 pm.”

Lesakowski is in the home stretch of this year’s edition of the 11 Day Power Play, which got underway July 5 and runs through July 15. The game runs nonstop… 24 hours a day, for 11 straight days.

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Mike Lesakowski played a shift with his son, Liam. (courtesy of Jeff Tracy)


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