Time to Eclipse Cancer

by | Feb 29, 2024

Hi Everyone! Tim Collins here, also known as “Mr. Galaxy.” This is the start of our seventh year playing for the Community Shift on the Roswell Park team! It has been absolutely awesome to see how much work everyone puts into their individual efforts to raise money for cancer research and elimination of this disease, as well as for the kids we support. From my co-captain Joe Lee, myself, and I’m sure everyone on my team, we are humbled by your dedication. Every year, we see the creative ways you all fundraise, and it is very inspiring. In fact, you have helped me to create a fundraiser of my own this year. I am getting a new appreciation for just how much work it can take!

Our team’s name, Roswell Park’s Comets, came about mostly because comets were long thought of as mysterious objects in the sky, very nebulous and frightening to ancient cultures. They were thought of as signs of doom. As a local astronomer, it fits the bill as to how I could relate my 11-day activities when I was working for Roswell. For me, the use of the object symbolizes just how much we have come to know about cancer, and that while it is still scary and saddening, we do see victories in the fight. It shows how far we have come in understanding comets as a science, but also as a symbol for how far we’ve moved the needle in cancer research. That we no longer a need to fear it, but to have respect for it and work toward a cure.

This year, Buffalo is perfectly positioned for another astronomical wonder! On April 8th, the first total solar eclipse over our region since January 24, 1925 will take place, with the next one over the United States not to occur until 2144. As I learned in 2017, this rare spectacle draws quite a crowd. The region is estimating around a million visitors will visit Buffalo Niagara! Merchandising bis now becoming prevalent, particularly in the sales and distribution of those cool glasses allowing you see the sun (they ultimately cost $249 for four in 2017!).

Before that happens here, and now that I have my own podcast, I’ve decided to launch my team’s 2024 campaign as “Eclipse Cancer.” Like a solar eclipse where the moon covers the sun, we want to block out the effects of cancer from everyone who doesn’t know they have it yet. While the moon moves away after a few minutes, we want cancer blocked permanently. So, the eclipse merchandise I am selling, be it glasses, t-shirts, pins… I am donating 11% of the proceeds to The 11 Day Power Play! If my event(s) can launch off the ground, any of you can help us hit our goals; AND you’ll get a scientific explanation of what is happening, why it is so rare, how you can safely view it, and what to expect in those few moments when the sun is blocked. You will see just how important it really is to us Earthlings… all of my astronomer friends are on board and would love to show you all about it too, it’s going to be big for our city. Just like The 11 Day Power Play. Thank you for your time, and HAVE FUN this year!




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