Month: June 2020

Partnering on Project for Test Predicting Severe COVID-19

The University at Buffalo is joining forces with Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and other regional and national health and research leaders to develop blood tests that uncover hidden information in the cells of those exposed to the novel coronavirus to...

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11 Day Power Play is Postponed

Organizers of The 11 Day Power Play organization announced Thursday they are not holding their 2020 Community Shift event at HarborCenter in July, due to restrictions resulting from Covid-19. But they are still holding out hope that the event can be rescheduled. ...

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11 Day Power Play Pushed Back to Deal with COVID-19

The 11 Day Power Play can't stop.  The 11 Day Power Play won't stop.  We have shifted the event to August 19 - 30th.  If we can't get on the ice then due to social distancing guidelines, we have a backup plan!  Our dedicated team captains and players will all...

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