Month: October 2016

Mike Spino

Mike feels blessed to have his own health, and the health of his wife and two daughters - and wants to give back by being part of something bigger. Proudly sponsored by: Solmac Inc.

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Mike Sullivan

Mike "Sully" Sullivan hopes to raise $15,000 in honor of his mother Marge who passed away in July of 2010 from lung cancer after a 6-month battle. Proudly sponsored by: The Coppola Firm

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Christopher Evanco

Chris "Speedy" Evanco hopes to raise $10,000 and participate in the 11 Day Power Play to honor his mother, Emma and sister, Mary and everyone that plays a role in the battle to end cancer once and for all. Proudly sponsored by: Middle Oak

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Ryan Martin

Ryan "Martino" Martin hopes to raise $10,000 in memory of his best friend, Matthew Quarcini as well as another close friend, Brian Cox who sadly both lost their battles with cancer. Proudly sponsored by: Frey Electric

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Steve Roder

Steve is skating to honor his Father, Rev. Rudy Roder, Aunt Anne, Brother-In-Law John D., childhood friend Dave F. And in support of his Brother-In-Law Tom R., and good friend's son Lucas L Proudly sponsored by: Lilly Oncology

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Mac Hartman

Mac is excited to raise $10,000 to fund cutting edge cancer research at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Proudly sponsored by: Freed Maxick CPA's PC

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Mark Lenard

Mark, "Len" Lenard, set a goal of raising $15,000. Being a pharmacist for the past 27 years he has seen the good that Roswell Park has done for the community . That combined with the fun he has playing hockey makes this the perfect combination. Proudly sponsored by:...

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Craig Curtin

Craig is playing in support of Irene & Coleen Curtin and Marianna Militello, and in the proud memory of Willam, Mae Nolan & Margaret Curtin, and Monet Caput Armenia. Proudly sponsored by: HUNT Real Estate

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David Hage

"Super Dave" is from Amherst, NY and hopes to raise $10,000 in memory of Nan Hoy, Paul Hoy, and Cindy Crowley.

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Check donations can be mailed to: PO Box 4, Buffalo, NY 14223