Month: September 2016

Chris Boron

Chris "CB" Boron is on the 11 Day Power Play committee and is committed to raising $10,000 in memory of his grandmother Manda Gajer, in honor of his sister who is a survivor and those researching, treating and helping to find a cure. Proudly sponsored by: Benchmark...

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Tom Fogarty

Tom's friends call him "Fogs" and he's excited to participate in the 11 Day Power Play to raise $10,000 for cutting edge cancer research at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Proudly sponsored by: Northtown Toyota

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Matthew Balling

Matthew, who goes by "Scrappy", was inspired to participate due to his own personal experience with Roswell - being diagnoses with hyperparathyroidism, undergoing surgery, and being returned to full health. Proudly sponsored by: Rotary Club of Williamsville...

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Kenny Corp

Kenny Corp, "Corpy", is hoping to raise at least $10,000 in honor many family members and friends as well as those that have lost loved ones to cancer. Proudly sponsored by: Gabe's Collision

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David Travers

David (LBH) Travers is from Orchard Park, NY.  He is hoping to raise $15,000 on behalf of all of those who have suffered directly and indirectly from cancer. Proudly sponsored by: Darien Lake

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Dan Downing

Dan Downing, also know as 'Double', is looking to double his fundraising goal to $20,000.  He is playing in memory of his brother John F Downing MD, who is survived by his wife Karen, and his 3 sons Jack, Billy and Nick, all hockey players. Jack made the AHL and is...

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Dave Jickster

Dave Jickster is playing in memory of many loved ones and friends who have been impacted by cancer and benefited from the wonderful team at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Proudly sponsored by: Russell's

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Chris Aquiline

Chris is from Hamburg, NY and has many nicknames including Duke, Aquaman, Q, and other assorted references that should not be published.  He is hoping to raise $25,000 on behalf of Matthew Murphy (nephew), Hank Pietrow (friend and career mentor) and Joann Biondi...

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Mike Marino

Mike "Cheese" Marino is looking to raise $10,000 to facilitate continued research and in memory of many important people in his life including Joseph, Joan and Jerry Schohn, and Denise Bonner.  The 11-day power play is an ideal way for Mike, doing what he enjoys, with...

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David Pyc

David, aka "Picker", is hoping to raise at least $12,500 in memory of his cousin Jill Dzwigal (spinal cancer), his brother-in-law Gary Dudas (melanoma), and mother-in-law Joan (Gradler) Nero (ovarian cancer).  Proudly sponsored by: The Benchmark Group...

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Check donations can be mailed to: PO Box 4, Buffalo, NY 14223