$1.1 million raised in this year’s 11 Day Power Play

Aug 31, 2020

$1.1 million was raised in the street hockey edition of the 11 Day Power Play.

The annual hockey tournament concluded Sunday night at Buffalo Riverworks. Organizers were forced to improvise this year due to restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We had less people here which meant Mike (Lesakowski) had time to spend with each captain,” Amy Lesakowski, co-founder of the 11 Day Power Play, said Monday. “We got to know them personally. We heard their stories. We interviewed every captain that came through for our live stream. The community was able to watch the live stream from home. It didn’t matter what we were playing. I think a lot of captains, when we interviewed them, they wanted to do something to give back this year. Whether it was street hockey or ice hockey, that did not matter.”

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