The 11 Day Power Play is back for the third year in a row, and we’ve been incredibly humbled by how much this event has grown. With almost 3,000 new players added to the roster and the donations still growing, we wanted to add something just as significant to really make this year special: a mascot!

We knew the event needed more than just a logo—it needed a face. That’s where Petey Power Play came in. Because what’s a sporting event without a fun loving mascot to hype up the audience, cheer on the players and throw t-shirts into the crowd? So we consulted this year’s presenting sponsor, Crowley Web, for creative help. They worked quickly to decide what exactly this creature, representing such an important cause, should be. After many meetings and collaboration with a mascot design company, Petey was born.


From his flowing mullet and goatee, to his hockey teeth and helmet, this furry, blue-horned creature couldn’t embody the 11 Day Power Play more than he does. And it’s all in the details—like the number 11 on his jersey and the white ribbon on the back of his helmet.

The most touching part for all of us, is that Petey wasn’t just created to keep the event entertaining. He has a story of his own. Petey’s family was also affected by cancer, so he wears the white ribbon for the loved one he lost due to lung cancer. He stands with us during this event, not only as our playful, light-hearted mascot, but as a friend who reminds us that we’re not alone.

Buffalo Fights Cancer. One Shift At A Time.

Whether you’ve been personally affected by cancer or know someone who has, we’re all in this together. So join us! Come give our new friend a hug, high five or fist bump at this year’s event—July 5-15 at Harborcenter. If you’re interested in getting involved with the 11 Day Power Play, learn how you can become a volunteer, donor or sponsor.  We’ll see you on the ice, Buffalo!

Watch the unveiling of Petey Power Play on The Instigators. He is the 11 Day Power Play’s new mascot and ready to fight cancer in Buffalo!